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Friday, April 15, 2016

Managing Window Update Risk and Failing.

The important of window updates should not be taking slightly, because they are all for your privacy protection. But Regardless of the important of these updates to Window Of which Microsoft make available, there are risk associated with those update. This article reveal some and a good practice of managing those risk.

It is true that most times update are meant for fixing bug found in Window software,  but since the update are still software they too can could have bug in themselves, and this can cause Window to malfunction for a while. But this fact should not be a deterrent to you updating you Window because they is a measure you can take to prevent such update malfunction to have a negative impact on your data, namely Regular Backup. A System Image back is ideal for managing this risk.

Another risk is that  some update can force your PC to restart without your consent thereby making you lose the current data you might be working on. The truth is, most update cannot apply to Window unless your PC is rebooted. This is the reason why you might experience such, but the good news is that your PC will only reboot after an update base on how your Window is configured. Because when there is an update to Window component Window will do the following depending on how it is configured:

  • It will just notify you of the availability of an update, but leave the responsibility of downloading and installing the update to you. 

  • The other option is that when there is update Window will download it and notify you that the update is ready for installation, so you will be reasonable for installing the update. 

  • The next option is that it will download the update available to you computer and install it automatically.

It is if Window is configured to carry out the third option that is when update will cause your computer to reboot without your consent. So if  rebooting is the issue the you should reconfigure Window to allow you do the installation so you will be in control of when your PC reboot.

The bottom line
Window updates are a necessity for security reasons. So no matter the notification you receive, if it is about availability of an update to a Window component/software, get on it as soon as it is convenient for you, so always download/install updates and reboot your PC/computer when required/requested to.



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