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Friday, April 15, 2016

Link(s) In A Mail Not Clickable_WHY

Many at times, when you receive a mail, you will find out that links in them are not clickable. Does this mean that the individual/corporate who send you that mail, did not actually embedded the text/image as a link?
Not necessarily.

Most times the problem problem is from the receiving end and also the content of the mail. Here is the explanation.

In a bid to protecting their client(s) most email service provider or programs disable links which they fell is unsafe, due the the numerous suspicious even malicious mails which are rampant.
One of the factors they consider when doing this is the sender of the mail. That is why any mail that is filtered to the spam folder hardly have the links in them clickable.

More to that also, the links themselves might be the problem. Because how the links were coded, and where they say they go (and where they actually go) might/will make an email service provider to block those links.

So before you hurriedly copy links which are not clickable in a mail you receive to your browser address bar, you might want to pause and have a rethink before you  go ahead.
Because if the sender look suspicious and the mail content is to good to be true, then your doubt might be true.



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