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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Is Keyboard Shortcuts Customization In CorelDraw x3 (13) Possible?

Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+D, Ctrl+I, these and many more are keyboard shortcuts available to CorelDraw x3 users which make working with the program smart and fast.

But come to think of it, will it not be very cool if there is a provision whereby users of the program can specify their own shortcut which they will like to use for some certain command in CorelDraw x3? Of course it will. But is there something like that in the CorelDraw x3 program? The fascinating answer is YES!.

Although CorelDraw x3 has preset keyboard shortcuts, you can change them, or add your own shortcuts, to suit your working style.
This means that you can assign keyboard shortcuts to a commands and/or text styles that you use the most, and you can also choose to delete or change the preset keyboard shortcuts.
More to that is the fact that you can print out the  list of keyboard shortcuts, or export the list of keyboard shortcuts to the CSV file format — a comma delimited format that is easily opened by word processors and spreadsheet applications

When you change keyboard shortcuts, the changes are saved in a file called an Accelerator Table. CorelDrawx3 comes with two accelerator tables which can be customized to suit your work habits:
The first table titled 'Main Table' contains all non-text related keyboard shortcuts. In other words the Main Table contains all the shortcut keys that it's command have nothing to do with text formatting or styling, while the second table called 'Text Editing Table' contains all text-related shortcut keys.



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