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Monday, May 23, 2016

Inanimate Things With Animate Characteristics

They are said to be inanimate but the reality is that some of the characteristics of things that are Animate are possess by these so called inanimate things. Examples are outline below:

  1. Trees are classified as inanimate but they Grow just as animates, Trees also perform Respiration as animates does because they take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide.

  2. Vehicles though inanimate but still it Moves.

  3. Clock inanimate but talks because it tells time.

  4. Flowers inanimate but is refer to as Beautiful as animates are.

  5. Cameras inanimate but See like the eyes of animate things.

  6. Airplane/Aeroplane is inanimate but it Flies like some animates (birds).

Please add yours through comments to continue the list.



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