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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Implementing Site: Search Operator on Google.

As you may already know, search operator are used to get a more precise search result from search engine database. Among the many Search Operator available to your disposal, Site: is one of them.

This Search Operator (site:) when used in conjunction with a website URL or a domain name in search query on Google bring out result that can only be found in that website/domain. This article focuses on how to use this site: Search Operator along with your search query in

The site: Search Operator can come before or after the/a search query. There should be space between the site: Search Operator and the search query but there should not be space between the site: Search Operator and the website/domain.

For example: A search for Gmail or Gmail will work thereby showing up result from your/the website that has the term 'Gmail' in them, but \site: Gmail or Gmail site: will/might not work, for it will show up result not only from the specified website, but the specified website will be ranked higher because the url for the website appears in the search query.



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