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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How To Tell Facebook You Do Not Want To See A Post Again

Do you see a post that irritate you in your Facebook News Feed and you do not want to see it again? No matter the reason you will have for not wanting to continue seeing a post in your News Feed, the question is: Can you prevent/stop a post from showing up again if you do not have the desire to see it again?
Yes! You can. But how? The steps below will help you.

1) When you see a post you no longer what to see, click on the More option below the post (if you are browsing Facebook using your phone browser) or click the arrow facing downward which is at the top right corner of the post (if you are using PC browser )

2) Next click Hide post. When done, that post/photo will never again appears in your Facebook News Feed. Also when you click on Hide post, you also have to option to specify that you want to see fewer stories/post from that person, Page or group.



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