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Saturday, April 23, 2016

How To Know If Google Have Indexed Your New Website/Blog To Their Database

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You will agree to the fact that a successful blog or website mostly depend on having visitors. And web search engines, especially Google's is a great tool of getting needed visitors. But the fact also is, Google cannot refer potential visitor to website or blog if your blog or website is not in their database.

There are many tools that will help you get your new website or blog on Google's database especially your DNS server can help. But this article does not focuses on that, rather it focuses on how you can know if Google have your new blog or website in their database.

So if you want to know if Google has indexed your new blog/website, then go to Google's search website -in the search field type site:www.your blog/website name (a word(s) in your new blog/website) and click Search. This will make Google to restrict it's search result from pages in your new website or blog. So if there is a result that means that Google have indexed your new blog, while if their is no result, then your new blog/website is not in Google's database.

The main point
Site: is an operator that can help you know if you blog or website whether new or old has been indexed by Google. To use it, go to type site:your site a word in your site and Search. If there is result then your website or blog is in Google's database but if not then your blog/website have not been indexed by Google. Example: facebook


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