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Saturday, April 16, 2016

How To Avoid Content You Do Not Like On Facebook

It is true that you might/do not have full control over what is posted to Facebook by others, but because Facebook cares about how you feel about what you see on their network, they have put in place tools to help you gain full control as to what you see in Facebook.

So if you are bothered about what you see on Facebook, here are some this you can do to to avoid content you do not like which are posted on Facebook.

  1. If you are tag to post you do not like, removing the tag will ensure the the post never again appear in your timeline. So when you find out that you are seeing a post you do not like because you are tag in to the post, do not hesitate to remove the tag, that way the post will never again appear in your timeline. 

  2. If the post you do not like appear in you News Feed, then hiding it (the post) will ensure that the post will not show up again. Furthermore if you do not want to continue to see post from the individual, Page or Group that keep posting what is not palatable with you, then Unfollow them. 

  3. More also, if someone in Facebook upset you, do what you will do if such a situation happen offline, namely Unfriend or even Block the individual. 

  4. If you learn of a post is abusive to you, or is meant to bully or harass you, you can also report such to Facebook using the Report link found in the content you do not like.

These and more are tool Facebook provide to help you get full control as to what you see on Facebook, do not be afraid to use any of them with regard to avoiding post you do not like. Facebook might not know what you do not like, but you do, so use those tool outline above when appropriate.



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