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Thursday, April 14, 2016

How The Term "CLICK" Is Used In Computing

A dictionary puts the definition of click as used in computer language as "The act of pressing a button on a computer mouse." You probably might agree with those who says this definition is correct, if you do, you are right in doing so. That definition is truly correct.

But the fact is, true pressing a button which is in the mouse of a computer is considered as click whether you press the right or the left button, still when someone ask you to click, there is a particular button in the mouse the individual wants you to press. True or False? Of course the answer is True.

So when you are asked to click, what really, or better still, which button in the mouse are you expected to use? The answer is, You are expected to point to the item you want to click on and then press the mouse left button.

What about when you press the right button of a computer mouse? Well, in this case that action is not just referred to as 'click' but as 'Right-click'.

The bottom line
The definition of Click given by the dictionary stated above is not wrong. But during a computer operating/tutoring section, When asked to 'click' you are expected to:
1. Point to the item.
2. Press your left mouse button once.
While if you were expected to use the right button of a mouse, you will be asked to 'right-click'.



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