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Monday, April 25, 2016

How Firefox Tells You To Be Careful About Information You Feed To A Website.

You will notice that online security is making headlines, and their have been more and more corporate claiming to help secure your privacy/activities online. Mozilla is one such corporate.

With the use of their browser -Firefox- they are making it more and more easy for their Firefox user to take care of themselves as they browse the web. One such way Firefox uses, is to tell it's users, when their connection is not secure. You will notice that earlier, Firefox uses a lock icon in the address bar tell you when the connection a website uses is secure.

Now though, with the introduction of Control Center to the lock icon of Firefox, you can actually know if the connection the website uses is a pretense. Because with the Control Center, you will get to see if there is any insecure content that Firefox may be blocking on a website that is supposed to be secure, and also you will inform about the issuer of the certificate for a secure connection which the website you visited is using, and if made available, you will also be told about the website owner.

So if you check the Control Center and find out that a website connection is not as secure as it is classified, then know that is Firefox is telling you to be mindful of how you interact with the website because their might be third parties watch you.

Mozilla want to keep you save online, and using Firefox they are really proving true to their. So stay tuned for more updates about Firefox, and don't forget to tell your friends about this post by clicking the share button.



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