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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Facebook Reactions_A Useful Tool For Social Marketers

One major factor to the success of a social marketer is styling the content of their post to appeal to their audience feeling. But the fact is that, knowing what might be appealing to an online audience can be sometimes difficult, because many might not be too incline to respond whit a comment.

But with the inclusion of Reactions to a Facebook Post, people now have the ability to express in a wider range how they feel about a post you make. This means that those who are not comment friendly can still leave a precise feedback about your post make them feel instead of the regular/famous little thumb up.

Thus, if you pay close attention to these reasons, you will be able to uncover the necessary insight which will help you to test and fine-tune you post's content so as to find favor with your Facebook audience.

For example: you will notice that post receiving more 'hahaha' Reaction will get more share by your audience than post which attracts 'sad' Reaction.


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