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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Document I Sent To Printer Is 'SPOOLING'

You send a work to a printer install in your PC, when you check 'Faxes and Printers' you saw 'Spooling' as the status of the data you sent for printing and not 'Printing' and you start to think, 'which grammar is this again (what do spooling mean).'

Let not your mind be troubled, it is not a warning that you PC or your printer is faulty. It is just something that needs and always have to be done before the document you send for printing can be printed.

But what dose it actually mean? Lets start by looking first at what spooling mean. In computing, spooling refers to the act of sending files to a device or a program for processing at a later time OR the  temporary storage area for electronic mail/data.

Were you able to understand the link between that definition and what the printer status of the document you sent is trying to inform you of?
It is trying to tell you that the printer as seen the work/document/data you sent for printing, but it has not started printing it. It is still trying to read through the entire document before it start to print. This enables the printer to carry out its function effectively.

Take for example: most printer prints from the last page, so before the printer will start printing, it have first identify the last page of the document it is about to print. So Spooling does not mean that your printer as encounter a problem while attempting to print the document you sent.



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