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Monday, April 18, 2016

Bolding Text/Word In Microsoft Word 2007

To many that is the most easiest thing to do while working with MS Word 2007. We are not disputing that fact. So you may wonder, if I already know how to perform this function, then is this article not helpful to me? Not necessarily. Though this article is written with novice to Microsoft Word 2007 in mind, it can also prove helpful to professionals in MS Word 2007. This is because this article explains four (4) different ways to bolding a text/word in Microsoft Word 2007 can be achieve.

Here are the four different ways to bold text in Microsoft Word 2007. Remember, no styling command will apply to a text in Word 2007 if the text is not first selected before the command is triggered.

FIRST WAY: Using The Keyboard Shortcut
The very first way which the article will talk about which seems to be the most popular is using the keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl+B.’ So to bold a text using this option, first select the text/word you want to bold, then while pressing down the Ctrl button of the keyboard, press b. Doing this will bolden the selected text/word. You can also use Alt+H+1 as a keyboard shortcut to apply Bold to selected text. Note: Alt+H+1 is not a standard keyboard shortcut, so it might not work all PC running Microsoft Word 2007, it was tried/discovered to work on MS Word 2007, which was install on a Window 7 and Window XP computers.

SECOND WAY: Using The Ribbon
To use the Ribbon to bold text/word in MS Word 2007, select the text you want to bold, next click on the Home tab of the Ribbon to reveal commands grouped in the tab, next locate the Font group and click the Bold icon. Note: the bold icon looks similar to the image at the beginning of this article.

THIRD WAY: Using The Mini Toolbar
Once you select a text/word Microsoft Word 2007 automatically displays the Mini Toolbar by the side of the cursor or the selected text, if Word 2007 did not automatically display it, then Right-Click on the selected text/word and the Mini Toolbar will appear, next move your mouse pointer/cursor to the Bold icon and click.

FOURTH WAY: Using The Font Dialogue box
To use the Font dialogue box to make Bold a text/word, select the text/word and after selecting, click the Home tab in the Ribbon to display its grouped commands, in the Font group, click the Font group dialogue box launcher which looks like an arrow facing south west which is at the bottom right corner of the Font group in the Home tab, or you press Ctrl+D which is the shortcut to launch the Font Dialogue Box. When the Font dialogue box appears, click on Bold in the Font style of the Font tab in the dialogue box and click OK.

Those are the four different way you can use to Bold a text/word in Microsoft Word 2007. Click the share button so that others too and your friends can learn about this.



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