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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Authorship _ What Does It Mean

When you hear the word author or authorship, what comes to your mind?

One dictionary defines authorship this way: "The quality or state of being an author" so to clearly understand who the term authorship refer to, we need to first understand who an author is.

Thus what does is actually mean when somebody is said to be the author of something/book?
One dictionary put it this way: "The originator or creator of a work, especially of a literary composition" while another says an author is "Someone who writes books for a living." Looking at this two definitions, it might seems to complement each other but to some extent it did not.

Because the first definition attributes the authorship to the "originator" or the one who brought the ideal of a work, while the other attributes authorship to the one who does the actual writing of the work. So who does the term authorship is supposed to be attributed to, the one who is the source of a work or the one who does the actual work.

Lets suppose you went to a business center/cafe to prepare a document, after the document have been printed and given to you, you discover an error is spelling which is not the fault of your manuscript, who will you blame it on, the typist or the computer or the printer? In a similar way, authorship can never be attributed to the one/thing who does the actual work but rather to he source/originator of the work.



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