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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Adding Bitmaps/Image In Text Using CorelDraw x3(13)

Click to see me better
Looking at the image above, the font color is nice, do you not think so? Of course it is. But what do you think, do the color come about as a result of using the ‘Fountain Fill’ color mix tool? If you think positively, the answer is NO.

Hardly can the ‘fill tool’ of CorelDraw x3 accomplish this design. Lets us make it more clear to you. The font color of the above text image come about because we place and image/bitmap in the text, hence the image color pattern is now reflecting as the text font color.

Crispy right? How can this amazing fit be achieve, you may wonder. We are here to help. So lunch your CorelDraw x3 and follow the guide below.

  1. Type a word/text of your choice and style its font the way you want 

  2. After which click the ‘File’ in the Menu Bar and click ‘Import’ or press ‘Ctrl+I’ 

  3. A import dialogue box will appear, in the dialogue box, choose the folder containing the image and select the image, next click import and then click and drag on the drawing page to resize the file to the dimensions you want on the drawing page. 

  4. Next click ‘Effects’ on the ‘Menu bar’ and scroll down to select ‘PowerClip’ and click on ‘Place inside container.’ Note: make sure to have selected the image before performing this guide four. 

  5. Next click the text/word you want place the image in. and the image will be placed in the text thereby making the color of the image to reflect as the color of the text you have typed.

Easy right? Why not try it now. Now that it is fresh.



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