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Friday, April 8, 2016

Accelerator Table_ As Used In CorelDraw X3

In CorelDraw X3, there are many acronyms, Accelerator Table is one of them. What is it? This is the question the article is designed to answer.

Put simply, Accelerator Table is a file that contains a list of all the preset keyboard shortcut keys in CorelDraw X3. Though is contain preset keyboard shortcut, when you change or add a keyboard shortcut, the changes are saved in this table.

The Accelerator Table is categorized into two different tables depending on the task that you are performing. These tables can be customized. This means as mentioned earlier, you can either change its content of add to it. Corel Coporation added this customization feature to CorelDraw X3 so that you can have full control over shortcut key in the CorelDraw X3 application, customizing it to suite your unique style/need.

The two categories of Accelerator Table is: ‘Main Table’ and ‘Text Editing Table’

The Main Table contains all the not-text-related shortcut keys while the Text Editing Table contains all the text-relater shortcut keys.

The main point
In the CorelDraw X3 application, Accerlerator Table refers to the table containing all the list of shortcut keys that is executable while working with the program.



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