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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Fact About Online Friendship

You have a friend, but the friend hardly talks to you. How close will you say you are with your friend? Or How will you describe your friendship with this friend? 'Best of friends' perhaps. Probably not.

Thus, we can conclude then that Communication is a fundamental part of friendship. In this ever busy world, having the time to communicate in person can/is a challenge. And here comes the solution, Online Chatting. Best solution right? Don't be in a hurry to reply. Lets talk of a facts about online chatting you are probably not aware of.

Online chatting makes friendships seem closer than they really are. The reason is, meaningful conversations is being replaced with rapid-fire texts and tweets, that is Texts/tweets with no real interest attached with it. Having doubt? Give yourself a break, stop being the first to text/tweet, consider the ratio of people who will first text you with the amount of friends you have online, and see where the conversation leads.

Honestly, the ratio will be low. And as where the conversation leads to will show, online friendship are based on shared interest, such as hobbies not on value.

The Bottom Line
Online chatting will not make you feel closer to a friend as face-to-face conversation will, where you and another person can observe the subtle distinction of voice tone, facial expression, and body language. Thus, you should not view online friendship as an alternative/replacement but as a complement of offline friendship.



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