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Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Fact About "Keep Me Log In" and Email Account Theft

Keep Me Log In is a feature most email service provider offer to their email service user during logins. This feature enable the email user easily have access to their email account without every time having to type in their ID and password at each log in.

Many people whose e-mail account have been hacked/compromised most times blame it on their using of this feature. While it is not a wise action to use this feature on a public computer, it is not dangerous to use it in your own personal computer. But what if you use this feature only on your personal computer and yet your e-mail account was hacked, does it means that someone has gotten to use your computer without you knowing?

That is rarely the case. Because most times, those who hacked your e-mail account might be in the other end of the planet far from you and from your computer. So do not be so in a hurry to blame your e-mail account theft on your using of that feature "Keep Me Log In".

The fact is, if your e-mail account have been hacked, that means someone else knows your password and have used it to sign into your account. And the person do not have to be physically close to you and your computer or any of the  device you used to access your email account.

One popular way people steal e-mail password is through the use of a program call key-logger. And this program can be put to your computer through an insecure network that you are connected to (mostly through a open Wi-Fi hotspot network or from a malicious website you visit).

The Main Point
The Keep Me Log In features which most e-mail service provider offer is most times not to be blamed if your e-mail account was hacked. There are more common things that are responsible for an e-mail account Theft.



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