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Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Fact About Facebook Report Tool/Link

Facebook love each and every one of their users. And because of that, they are very concerned about your experience using their service. Thus they include to Facebook a tool that you can use to tell they about a post, photo or comment you do not like, the tool is Report.

With this tool (Report) you can tell Facebook about anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, but you might have notice, or better still, not all report made are attended to.

This is because, in Facebook there is something called Community Standard. It is these standard that Facebook consider when handling a negative report about a post, photo or comment. So just because you do not like a post, photo or comment which you see on Facebook does not mean that the post, photo or comment is against the Community Standard of Facebook.

The button line
Report is a tool Facebook make available to all their user so as to enable their users report to them of content that goes against the Community Standard of Facebook, not about content you do not like.
So if there exist a content that you do not like or if you ever feel threatened by something you see on Facebook, one best option is to contact your local law enforcement agencies.

But because Facebook cherish you, they are tools available in Facebook that can help you avoid content you do not like. Our article 'How To Avoid Content You Do Not Like On Facebook' and the article 'What should I do if I see something I don't like on Facebook?' found on Facebook Help Center explain some of them.



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