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Friday, April 22, 2016

A Button/Feature That Keeps The Tab In Your Firefox Open Across Any Device.

That button/feature is called Synced Tabs/button and the image above is the Synced Tabs Button, the only difference is that the image above is quite larger than the one you will see in the Firefox window.

Like the fact this article title uncover, this button (Synced Tabs Button) helps you to "access open tabs across your desktop, laptop and mobile devices that use Firefox." This means that with the aid/help of the Synced Tabs Button, you can open the content of a tab in your mobile Firefox also in your desktop/laptop Firefox browser without any alterations with just a/some click(s) of the Synced Tabs Button.

As cool as this might sound, if you still feel that this feature available in Firefox (Synced Tabs Button) will be of no positive effect on your online experience, then consider this scenarios.

You are in the office, and you stumble across an article you are so much interested in, or better still, it is just what you have been looking for, but the article is not related to work, and as we know, time spend in the office is boss's time. So will it be a good ideal to steal your boss's time, we are sure that you know your boss will not smile seeing you do that. But thanks to Synced Tabs, you can pick up  the article  when you get back home. Hence, you do not have to steal from your boss time and you do not have to repeat a web scan/search for that exact article again.

The main point
Synced Tabs is a smart(er)/clever way of organizing your browser tab across all your device because it delivers your open browser tabs from one device to the next.



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