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Monday, March 7, 2016

Who Can See Post/Photo You Are Tag in

Tagging is one great way of letting others be aware of the individual you tagged. Because when your friend on facebook tag you to his or her post/photo update, a link to your facebook profile will be embedded in your name so anyone clicking on your name will be taken to your profile.

But for those who are concern about privacy, the idea of making them a public figure just because they are tagged on a post/photo update may not sound appealing. Hence, once they are tagged to a facebook post or photo update, the first thing that may come to their mind is 'Who Can See this Post/Photo I am Tag in?'

Nice question, don't you think so? 'But that is not the answer.' Many who is desperately searching for the answer might reply. For the sake of those persons, here is the straightforward answer.

If you are tagged to a post/photo update by your facebook friend, that post or photo that you are tagged in will appear both in your timeline and in the timeline of to your friend (the friend whose post/photo you are tagged in). In your timeline, that post/photo you are tagged in can only be seen by your friends and the immediate friend of your friends (i.e. your Friends, Friend) by default -the original setting of facebook. This means, not everyone who sees your facebook timeline can see the post of which you are tagged in. Only those who are friend of your friends, your friends and yourself.

But in the timeline of your friend who tag you to his post/photo, those who can see the post he tag you in depend on the 'Post Publicity/privacy Option' he specify for that post. In other words, if he specify that only his friend should see that post, then only his friends will be able to see that you are tagged in that post.



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