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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What Is Your Name?

That is a Straightforward question which many people will have no problem answering. But most times the answer to that question can be surprising, especially when the answer is coming from a/or representative of a well educated individual.

Consider these examples. "What Is Your Name?" is the question posed to a married woman, here is her answer: "My name is Mrs. Linda Anthony" Is the answer faulty or not? Before we answer lets look at another example.
The same question was asked  to a professor and here is his answer "My name is professor Newton Moses." Is the error in the answers now clear to you? Still not, now look at how a pupil answer the same question: "My name is Jeremiah Williams."

Now that is the answer, without an error. How do we mean? Titles are not part of the name of a individual. So the right answer to the question is your name, (without the titles) initials can be accepted if it is the initial of your personal name not an initial of your title.

The bottom line
Titles are not part of your name. Though those title are what is due you, what the question "What Is Your Name" is actually look for is "Your Personal Name" which is always exclusive of your  titles.



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