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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Two Things To Keep In Mind While Publishing A Product Review In Your Blog/Website

Reviewing a product is good practice, because it might give people (that is your audience) the confidence/assurance they need to purchase the product.
However, product reviewing are/is not only to the financial benefit of the manufacturer or seller of that product. This is because product review posts are mostly sponsored, that is, the manufacturer /seller will be paying you for the post – not necessarily monetary.

But before you dive into writing the post and publishing it, you should always have these two things at the back of your mind.

Always disclosed the post as being sponsored. Although they are law in some country that make such sponsorship disclosure mandatory it is also in the best interest of your audience and a must if you want your blog/website to still be in good relationship with Google.

The second is this; you should always use the nofollow tag when you are linking to the following web page/site:

a. the company’s site
b. the company’s social media accounts
c. an online merchant’s page that sells the product
d. a review service’s page featuring reviews of the product
e. the company’s mobile app on an app store

This because Google consider those as Links as link that pass PageRank in exchange for goods or services, for that reason such links are against Google guidelines on link schemes.
So do not put your blog/website discoverability on Google Search in jeopardy.



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