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Saturday, March 26, 2016

My Phone Not Connecting With My Window PC

You connect your smart phone to you PC but you are receiving a notification that your device is not installed properly. Receiving this message means that your Smartphone cannot exchange file with your PC. Can anything be done to rectify this problem by you? Yes!

But first lets explain to you why the problem. Anytime you connect a new device/Smartphone to your Window PC, Windows tries to automatically install the driver that will make your Smartphone compatible with it. If an appropriate driver is not found in the offline directory, then that message appears, and that means you cannot use that Smartphone with that your Window PC.

When this happen, calling your engineer is a good decision, but the fact is, you can fix this problem without the help of an engineer. Here is how.

Since the driver for that your new Smartphone is not available in the offline Window directory, what Window will want to do now is to look online for that your Smartphone driver. So if you receive that information when you are offline, then connect your PC to the internet and try reinstalling your Smartphone.

Note that Windows can only perform online check/search for latest or compatible driver for your Smartphone only if you turn on it’s automatic updating feature. So if you are connected to the internet but Windows is still not installing your Smartphone driver, then know that the automatic updating feature of Windows is not turn on.

If after connecting to the internet and turning on the automatic updating feature of Windows and still, Windows cannot find the necessary driver for your Smartphone, then try checking your Smartphone manufacturer’s website for the driver. Also if your device comes with a software disc, then that might be the key, because it might contain the needed software which will make your Smartphone work properly. So insert the disc and follow the instruction for installing the software.

If after all this, your Smartphone still is not connecting to your Windows PC, then the next available option is to contact your Smartphone manufacturer. But this might not be needed since the suggestions listed are prone to solve the issue.



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