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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lunch An Application From Locked Screen (Infinix Hot Note Tip)

Do you think it is impossible?  Perhaps you wonder,  can a smartphone be operated when the screen is off, talk more about when the screen is locked.

Well if you do your skepticism is not without base. But the fact is, with Infinix Hot Note lunching an application while the screen is locked is possible. The question now is how can it be done?

First go to Setting

Switch the Setting mode from General to All

Scroll down to the Device section and tap on Action

Tap on the Quick Start option and turn in on

When done you will be promoted with eight (8) alphabet of which three have been assigned an app to.  Assign an application to the remaining and turn them on also.

Turn off your screen or lock it, then make a gesture of the alphabet you turn on with your finger, and the application you assign to that alphabet will be launched and your screen turn on.

Note: if you lock your screen with a password or pattern, the application will be lunched behind the password/pattern request screen so that after you have inserted the correct password /pattern the assigned application is what will run next.



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