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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Incident And Accident_Not Always Interchangeable

English is a widely spoken language, so widely spread that over 50% of the world's population use this language to communicate. When it comes to grammar in English, there is what is call Antonym and Synonym. This is used to group words that are nearest in meaning and those that are opposite in meaning.

Accident cannot be said to be an  Antonym of Incident rather they are synonym. This fact does not necessarily mean that they can be used interchangeably always. Here is the reason.

Incident refers to a more general event, be it big or small, good or bad, intentional or unintentional. While Accident refers to unintentional event that have a negative impact/outcome. Thus all Accidents can be referred to as Incident while reporting but not all event that fails under the category of Incident can rightly be said to be an Accident.

Take for example, a spark in the junction box set the whole electrical department ablaze. This event undoubtedly is an accident, but it can also be rightly referred to as an Incident, because that event can rightly be reported as "the incident in the factory set the whole electrical department ablaze." Hence, an event which is an Accident no matter it's form can rightly be referred also as Incident.

But not all event which are under category of Incident is an Accident. Example: If three people were arrested after fighting in a bar, that is an incident (but not an accident – because the fight was not by chance; they intended to fight).

The Main Point
Incident refers to a more general team to describe event, while accident is a narrow term used to refer to event. So we can say that Incident is the house while Accident is a room in the house.

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