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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How To Organize Stared Gmail Mails

Gmail allows its user to use star to prioritize or bookmarks their important mails.
This feature is a great way for gmail users to organize their inbox.

The yellow star is not the only star color available to gmail users who wish to use stars to organize the mail, there exist variety of star color to help them further still organize their stared important mails.

But how can these difference star colors be use, since it is only the yellow star that appears when you attempt to star a mail?
By default, the yellow star is the available one for users who wish to use the star feature of gmail. Thus to use the other star color, you need to change the availability status of those other star color.

To do this, log into your gmail mail box, Click the gear icon in the top right and Select Settings.
In the general tab, scroll down to the section titled "Stars".
Once there, you will notice that the section is divided into "In use" and "Not in use".
Drag stars from "Not in use" to "In use".
You can also drag the stars in "In use" to reorder them.
Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

To use your new star designs to star a mail, click the star icon of that mail, repeatedly until you see the star you want to use.



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