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Sunday, March 27, 2016

How To Check For Windows 7 Updates Manually

Windows updates are great and necessary to keep your PC safe and secure, thus Microsoft highly recommends that you set Windows in such a way that it will automatically updates itself when your PC is connected to the internet, this setting is mostly prompted when installing Window for the first time.

But the truth is that, those updates might not be data friendly at times. This have made many engineer not to turn on the automatic updates for Windows during installation. But because those updates are necessary for your PC, you might want to do some updates to your PC periodically (especially when you have a considerable amount of data). In this event, how can you perform such operation? Follow the instruction below.

1.    Click the Window 7 Start icon at the task bar
2.    Click Control Panel
3.    Click System and Security
4.    In the next window that display Click Windows Update
5.    In the left menu of the next window, click Check for updates

That is all. Once you click the Check for updates, Windows will try to connect to its sever requesting for available updates, then it will display the update available for your PC after which you can choose to install any of the updates if you wish.



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