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Monday, March 7, 2016

Gmail Star Icons Names

The ideal that there are several star icons available to gmail users who use star to organize their mail, sound appealing, right? Yes, it definitely does. Lets take a little time out to talk about the names of those star icons.

Below are all the star icon and their names, available as at when this article was written.

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But why be interested in their names, you may wonder. The simple straightforward answer is, the name of star is important when you are searching for a starred mail.
Take for a sample, you are looking for a mail in your mail box, but you do not remember the subject, nor the name of the sender of the mail, all you could remember is that you starred it with a purple star. So instead to going to the starred mail section and start scanning through all starred mail, you could just type (has:purple-star) without the bracket, in the search box and click the search button. Only mails which are starred which the purple star icon will display. Cool, right?

Now let us suppose you can remember the star icon but you cannot remember the name, will the best option be to come back to this article and check for the name, well we will love to see you again. But let us tell you of another good/best option, that is getting the star names right there in your gmail account. To do this follow the steps below.

Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of your gmail box

Select stetting and click

Scroll down to find the "star" section, which is in the general tab of the setting

Hover your mouse on the star icon which you want to know the name.

The name will be displayed just below the tail of your mouse point, which is still on the star icon.

Note: do not hover the mouse over the star icon, instead hover on, or better still place the mouse point on the star icon to reveal the name.



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