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Monday, March 7, 2016

Facebook Timeline Posting, Who Can, Who Cannot

Typically, all facebook user can see your facebook timeline, only does to whom you have block, may not be able to see your timeline. Does this mean that anybody who sees your timeline can make or share a post on it?

No, is the answer. But this does not mean that you have monopoly with regard to posting in your facebook timeline. True the timeline is 'Your' facebook timeline, and true not everyone can post on it, but you are not necessarily the only one who can post on your timeline also.

So who can? Default facebook settings has it that, "only you and your friends can post on your Timeline." This means that, though, everyone can see your facebook timeline, only those to whom you have accepted as a friend on facebook and you, yourself can post on it.

But there is good news, facebook understand that, most time friends do over step/use their privilege, so if you do not want to give your friends the privilege of posting in your timeline, no matter to the reason you might have, you can tell facebook to "prevent your friends from posting on your Timeline" through facebook setting.

Thus, you can have monopoly when it comes to posting in your timeline, only after you have specify it in setting, besides that, you and your friends ONLY can post on Your facebook timeline by default.



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