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Friday, March 25, 2016

6 Tips to Avoid Heart Break - for Ladies

Relationship breakups which is the most course of heart break for ladies can cause someone to be antisocial, easily agitated, resentful
etc, just to mention a few. But is this action unavoidable. Not Precisely. But there are things that can make such a breakup not to have so much of a negative impart on you. This article you are reading give six (6) tips on how this can be achieved. So please read on.

Tip 1: Avoid sex during courtship When you have sex during your courtship/dating, then you are increasing the possibility of you having an heart break from 50% to 99.9%

Tip 2: Uphold to a high moral standard A guy/man who truly loves you will respect your high moral viewpoint. It is only those that want sex/romance from you will see it has a reason not to continue the relationship.

Tip 3: Know why he's in the relationship Knowing why you are in school will make you not waste your parent/guardians money in school fees, they know this that's why they keep pressurizing you to study. Same is true with relationship, but do not be mislead. If a guy/man claims to be in a relationship with you because he loves you and will want you to be his wife, then he will have no problem with point 2. Also remember that if a guy gives you his attention, time and support, that does not mean that he true has your best interest at heart. This is because, most guys give their attention in exchange for sex.

Tip 4: He is not your husband. Being in a relationship does not mean that your fiancé is going to marry you. Hence don't give him what will make your husband get married to you later and also increase your worth in his eye-Your Virginity.

Tip 5: Avoid secret dating. Guys/men prefer secret dating not because they are afraid that your parent will turn down there request, but because with secret dating, they can leave the relationship anytime without being questioned or damaging their reputation. (Note: a relationship is secret when the two parties parents/guardians are not aware of it)

Tip 6: Do not be afraid to let go When you are afraid let go of him, then you will have no choice than to compromise the moral stand about sex. When you do that, remember point one of this article.



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