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Monday, February 15, 2016

WhatsApp _ Still Relentless

The main idea of the WhatsApp team when developing the app is that they have desire to make sure that everyone stay in touch with their family and friends anywhere on the planet, without costs standing in the way. The WhatsApp user count recently shows that the team are in a mile stone toward achieving their desire.

You probably might be aware of this mile stone which was announced on the 1st of February 2016 at their official blog, that as of that date (1st February 2016) one billion people uses WhatsApp each month. This is quiet an achievement worth announcing, worth celebrating/raising glass for, don't you think? Yes of cause it is.

But as they celebrate this achievement, they still remain focus on their desire. Remember, their desire is "to make sure that everyone" not some billion only, though it is remarkable. Thus every day, the WhatsApp team continues to work to improve WhatsApp's speed, reliability, security and simplicity. "We're excited to see how far we've come. But now, it's back to work - because we still have another 6 billion people to get on WhatsApp, and a long way left to go."

So, you need not doubt the credibility and reliability of WhatsApp, they are ever ready to improve and make your experience with the app delightful. And do you know what? The WhatsApp team are "honored to be a small part of what people are doing to make their lives and the lives of those around them better."

One billion WhatsApp user each month does not mean WhatsApp will stop improving.



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