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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Strange post on your facebook timeline_account hacked?

Looking at the image above, does the image describe you when you once, when you take look at your facebook timeline post? Probably, there is a post in it which you do not find palatable, but you are not the one who posted it. So how come it is showing up in your timeline? You wondered.

At this point, many will conclude that the reason behind the post is that their facebook account have been hack, hence they will immediately change their password. This action is good, because if truly your facebook account have been hacked, then it might not be long before you loose your account completely, and not just your timeline.

But if strange posts is the only reason you have to conclude that your account is hacked, then it is highly recommended that you continue reading. This is because, by default, Facebook allows others to make or share a post to your timeline. Do not be thrown off your feet so quickly. Not all Facebook users can post on your Timeline/profile.

Only your friends are the one who make a post to your Facebook timeline, this means that any facebook user who is not your friend, cannot make or share a post to your timeline. 
So if their is post(s) in your Facebook timeline which is not posted by you, that does not necessarily mean that your facebook have been hacked, since such post might be from your Facebook friends, and your friends do not need your password to make or share a post to your facebook timeline.

The Bottom Line
The fact that there are post in your Facebook timeline/profile which you do post does not mean that your account have been hacked.



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