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Friday, February 26, 2016

Not Able To Post But Able To Comment

There is something I think my friend will be interested in, I try sharing it to his facebook timeline but it is not working, so I visited his timeline in a bid to post it there directly, but still the field where I am to write the post is not showing, what's happening?

The basic truth as to the reason why you are no longer able to make a post on or share something on your friend's facebook timeline is because, that friend of yours have told facebook that he wants to be the only one who should be able post on his timeline.

Do not think that, this your friend made this action purposely to lock you out from his timeline. If you cannot share or make a post to his facebook timeline, then non of his facebook friends can. So you are not the only one affected, all his facebook friends are.

You should also know that, no matter the reason he will have to activate that feature, he have a facebook given right to privacy.  And besides, the timeline is his and not yours. If you wish to still share him that post, then a good alternative is to share the post through the message feature of facebook or to his email.

Also just because he activated this restriction to his facebook timeline does not mean he no longer want to hear from you, this is becuase even with this restriction you will still be able to make comments to his post on his timeline.



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