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Friday, February 5, 2016

Gmail Log In Page Keep Showing My Password and Username

It is good news! Some may reply, when you pose this complain to them. To them they may reason, that saves you the stress of inputting your password and username each time you wish to login since they are already there.

But to you, the ideal that your gmail login page auto complete your username and password, dose not sound appealing to you, and for this you are complaining.

Well, the ideal that, gmail login page keep showing your login information makes logging in stress free and your ideal that it is not appealing because of security issues, is not wrong. But don not blame it on gmail.

Anytime gmail login page display automatically your login information, this is because your login information for gmail is stored in your browser's cache or settings.

So if you do not want 'AutoComplete'to automatically log you into gmail, then check browser's settings or preferences and adjust them so as to make sure that the browser is not saving your password and username.



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