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Friday, February 19, 2016

Gmail Expose Malicious Mail To You

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One of gmail top priority is the security of your email box. For this reason, they have deploy different measures running behind the scene to keep your email safe.

One of such measures is industrial-standard authentication, this measure enable gmail to authenticate the sender of mails to you, so as to prevent impersonation of mail sender. This means that an individual cannot send you a mail, and then disguise the mail to be from a corporate one by using a corporate name as the sender.

But what will happen if gmail cannot authenticate the true identity of a mail sender, will they block such a mail? NO! you will still receive such mails. But gmail announce that starting February 9th 2016, any mail which they cannot authenticate the sender, they will place a red question mark in place of the sender's profile photo or avater.

So anytime you see a red question mark in the sender's profile photo/avater of a mail, then you should be extremely careful with how you interact with the mail because that is a way gmail is giving you warning that the mail might be harmful.

Note: This feature is announce to be available on the gmail web. This means that this feature is not yet supported in gmail mobile and gmail app.



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