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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Two Unique Distinctive Factor Between Humans And Animals

It is true that humans and some animals are grouped into one class - Mammals. This is majorly because those animals are warm blooded, they have hairs and they feed milk to their children such like humans.

But dose this mean that the only difference between those animals and humans is majorly species? The answer is far from yes.
This is because there are it least two (2) other very unique distinctive difference that exist between humans and such animals. They are:

The Brain
It is true that most animals - especially those classified as mammals- have brain as did humans. But the possession of a brain by those animals called mammals is not a similarity factor but a distinctive factor. 
The human brain is linguistic enable, a feature not available to animals.

This means that the human brain enables humans the ability to learn a language. such language in-turn allow us -humans- to read, write, speak and fully understand what we hear.

Free Will
This is only a human ability to do what they want to do. True animals perform some actions, but does actions are not based on choice, but on natural laws. So when it comes to animal actions like migrating and/or what to eat, those are not based on choice.
This is unlike humans whose every action is based on choice.



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