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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Microsoft Word 2007 Text Highlight Command

Have you seen a text highlighter pen before? If not look at the image below.

Text Highlighter
What is a text highlighter pen?
This is a type of writing device that is used to draw attention to a section of text in a document by marking the text with a vivid color, but transparent enough to make the text to be seen. In like manner, the Microsoft word 2007 text highlight command is an electronic equivalent of highlighter pen.

This means that with the utilization of the text highlight command which is available in microsoft word 2007 for window operating computers, important text in a text/portion of a document is easier to see.
Another great advantage/importance of this command is the variety of highlight colors available to its users. This means that you need not worry as to if the highlight color will overshadow to text, because their is enough of color to choose from.

The Text Highlight command is found in the font group of the home tab in the microsoft word 2007 window.



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