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Friday, January 15, 2016

Messenger by Facebook 2015 Review

Messenger app icon

Messenger, one of the app provided by facebook to it users, and having over five billion (5,000,000,000) installation by google playstore count, is an app you probably might have or should have.
The goal of the Messenger app team is to make the app the best place for communicating with all the people and business in the world. David Marcu, a VP of the messenger team report on January 7, 2016 that the team have made a step in achieving the goal of the team, "toward the end of 2015" he explain "we have crossed the milestone of 800 million people using messenger each month."

Why such great a number? What is so special about this app? If those are some of the questions running through your mind, you probably will benefit from reading about the improvement review made to the app as of the year ending 2015.

"Among other things" David Marcus continues "we made Messenger blazing fast, we introduced video calling, the ability to customize conversations with colors, nicknames and emojis, and with Businesses on Messenger, we introduced a new way for business to engage their customers by providing them with a delightful, personal experience."

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The team also included the ability to send and receive money to friends right from conversations to the app. An update was made to the way locations are shared in the app, and helpful information about the person you are chatting with is added to top of the conversations screen with the individual you are chatting with, because with the app message request, you can find and talk to anyone, even if the person is not you facebook friend.

Photo sharing with friends was also made easier with the new Photo Magic feature, and the team started testing M, a digital virtual assistant and closed the year by launching their transportation platform with Uber.
"It was a busy year!" David Marcus Exclaimed "We created all these experience with a mindset of helping hundreds of millions to people manage their daily interactions with people, business, and services more seamlessly than ever, ... but we believe we have so much more opportunity ahead of us, and these are still the early days of Messenger."



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