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Monday, January 18, 2016

Implementing Text Highlight Color of Microsoft Word 2007

If you do not know what Text Highlight color is before, it is the electronic equivalent of an highlighter pen which purpose is to draw readers attention to a portion of the document being read.
There are basically two ways of implementing this command.

First Way
Activate the text highlight color first, and then select the text you wish to apply the highlight color to. 
To activate the text highlight color command, follow the steps below:

  1. In the tab section of the Microsoft word 2007, click on the home tab
    click to enlarge 
  2. The text highlight color command icon is located in the 'Font' group, just before the 'Font Color' command icon
    click to enlarge
  3. Click on the arrow facing downward to choose the color you wish to use for the highlighting.
    click to enlarge
  4. Finally select the text you which to apply the text highlight color to
    click to enlarge

Second Way
The second way of apply microsoft word 2007 text highlight color to text in a document is to first select the text you wish to apply the highlight color to and then repeat step 1 through 3 outline above.



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