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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Finding Starred Mail In Gmail

Many of us love to star mails/messageS. This probably might be because of the ideal/mentality we have that, staring a mail is a great and good way of organizing our inbox. But in most cases, we end up realizing that the more we star mails, the more the stared section of gmail gets cumbersome, thereby making it a little bit hard to locate a particular starred mails.

Three (2) option is available to you when you are looking a starred mail in gmail. These options are explain in this article, it is up to you then to decide which one you will like to you.

First Option
Go to the starred mail section and start scanning/surfing through the list of mail one after the other, until you see the starred mail you are looking for. To go to the starred mail section, click on Starred which is in the left side of your Gmail, under Inbox. Or you can type is:starred in the search box and click on search. the full list of stared mails in your inbox will be displayed as search result.

Second Option
If you can remember the name/type of star you use when starring the mail you are looking for, then type has:yellow-star(that is the name of the star you use to star the mail) and click the magnifier icon to search, in the search result, only mail that is starred with the star name you specify will be displayed and not all starred mails.



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