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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Finding Highlighted Text in Microsoft word 2007

No matter the reason the individual who prepare a document may have for highlighting text, those text/portion to him is very important that you (the reader) give your attention to. But let us purpose that you are notified that some text/portion in the document you are reading is highlighted, but the fact is that there is over a hundred (100) pages in the document you are reading.

Typically, by the time you keep scanning through the document a page at a time, you might not even notice that some text in the document is highlighted, or worst yet, it might get to a point where you will not even remember that you were to look for the highlighted portion in the document.
So in this situation, what will help?

The step outline below is the best option/solution.

  1. In the 'Editing' group found in the ribbon of the home tab click on the find command icon.
  2. A dialogue box titled find and replace will appear. On the find tab of the dialogue box, click on more in the left bottom of the dialogue box.
  3. The dialogue box will expand. In the section titled find click on the format button, and select Highlight which is the last option in the list.
  4. Now click on find next. 
Word will search the whole document and show you the closest highlight, keep clicking find next so that word will keep displaying to you the closest highlighted text/portion to you.

Tip: If you know of any word or phrase found in an highlighted text/portion, you can type it in the find what field found in the find and replace dialogue box. When this is done, only highlighted text/portion that contain the word or phrase you typed will be displayed.



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