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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Are Humans Animals?

Scientifically, Yes. Scientist says that humans are animals -higher form of animals. This they conclude because humans and animals have somethings in common. For example both humans and some animals are warm-blooded, have hair and feed milk to their children. For this reason, scientist group those animals and who have similar future with humans together, calling them mammals.

But do animals deserve to be grouped alongside humans? Are humans animals? NO! one reason being that, humans are not animals just because they share some features together.

For examples, will you refer to vehicles as animals? Definitely not. But do you know that some animals and vehicles have some similar features? Of course they have.
The major function of vehicle which is to make mobility for humans simple is also a function of some animals like horse, camels, and donkeys. The cooling system of a vehicle (A/C) is also similar to the cooling system of ant's colony.
Will this similarity makes you conclude that animals are vehicles or vehicles are higher animal? Undoubtedly, the idea deranged.

The Main Point
 Just because there are similarity between humans and some animals do not mean that humans are animals -higher animals.

Also in a guide written to us (the bible) by the creator, He explain that we are not the sample at which animals were created, neither are animals the sample/sketch at which mas was created, rather, humans were created to have a resemblance of him, the creator. He also went further to states that we -humans- are to be caretakers of animals. Genesis 1:26-28



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