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Monday, January 25, 2016

Applying Star To Gmail Mail

The star feature available in gmail is a nice way to help its users organize the mails/message in their gmail mail box, because it helps you -the user- indicate which mails is important to you and which mail needs your urgent reply at a later time.

But the big question is, How can this feature be used? In other word, How can you star a mail? There are at least three (3) unique ways by which this can be achieve if you are accessing your gmail box using the gmail web on a desktop/PC browser. The steps are outline below.

FIRST WAY: From The Inbox
From the list of mails in your inbox after you sign into your gmail box, there is a star icon before the name/sender of every mail. Clicking that star icon apply the star feature to the mail.

SECOND WAY: While Reading A Message
When you open a mail to read, in the section where the sender name and email address is shown, a star icon is there at the far left just before the reply icon/button. Once the star icon is clicked by you, the star feature will denote that the mail is stared.

THIRD WAY: During Writing A New Message
In the compose window of Gmail, at the bottom far right after the formatting option section, there is an icon called more option immediately after the Discard draft icon, the more option icon look like and arrow head facing downward. Click on it and on the option it prompt, hover on the Label option and click Add Star



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