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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Understanding The Principle On How To Make An Older Post Appear/Rank First In Blogspot/Blogger Blog

Probably not new to bloggers/blogspot blog publishers is the fact that published blog post are arranged in reverse chronological order, which mean that newer post display first.

This fact also imply that the more post are published to a bloggers blog by the bloggers blog publishers, the deeper old published post move to achieves, thereby making it hard for readers to get to know of other post (usually older post) of which they might be interested in.

So the quest for most bloggers/blogspot blog publishers (usually owners of the blog) is how to get their older blog post up -possibly the first page of their blog page- so that their reader could get to know of the existence of such a post in the blog.

Well if that is your quest too, you need to first of all really understand how blog post are arrange in a blog in blogger/blogsport.

At the onset, it was made clear that post in a blog is arrange in a reverse chronological order. This means that if the date of a published post is of a recent date, then that post will be ranked first, whereas if the date a post is published is of an earlier date, then that post will be ranked low, below the post with a more recent date.

So the main principle behind changing the chronological order at which a blog post is listed so that older post will appear first lies in the post published date.
In other words, before an older post could be ranked first, then the date at which the post is published should be changed to a more recent date.

The Main Point
It is possible to make an older post appear/rank first in a blogger/blogspot blog. For this to be done, publishers need to change the date when the older post is published to a more recent date.



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