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Friday, December 18, 2015

Program Window

Program Window refers to the work station of the program.
Each program window consist of WYSIWYG feature which allow it's users interact with the program depending on the interactive feature of the program.

The size of a program window depend on the program. but with regard to the context displayable by a program, the size of the monitor and the resolution at which the monitor is set can greatly influence it. Because resolution determines how much information a computer monitor can display.

So if a monitor is set with a low resolution, less information (that is the program interactive feature) fits on the screen, but the size of text and images are larger, whereas if the monitor is set to high resolution, more information fits on the screen, but the size of text and images are smaller.

With regard to the (some) program window display color, the operating system (os) which a user is running can also influence it. This is true in the case of users using Window Vista and Window XP because these OS have settings that allows its users to change the color and style of (some) program window.



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