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Monday, December 14, 2015

List Of Four (4) Things That Help Speaker Maintain Suitable Volume

As a speaker (public) the value of suitable volume can never be under estimated, because even if you have something very important to pass on to your audience - which every speaker has- without suitable volume, the audience will likely not find your speech interesting to listen to, which may in turn make them not to benefit from your speech which you probably must have spend considerable amount of time preparing. 

Hence suitable volume is more than an important speech quality for a public speaker.

So what can help a speaker develop this speech quality?
Below are list of four (4) things a public speaker should have at the back of it mind during it's speech/practice, because it will help the speaker maintain suitable volume in the cause of it's speech.

They are:

  1. The size and makeup of the audience

  2. Possible distraction noise

  3. The topic being discoursed 

  4. The objective of the speech

With these point taken into proper consideration, the volume of a speaker will be moderated in such a way that the audience will find pleasure listening to the talk.



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