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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hootsuite_Help To Schedule Post On Google+

As a google+ user, there are several reasons you will have that will make you want to schedule post.

But regardless of your reason for wanting to schedule a post, scheduling post on your google+ personal profile of page might seem to be a dream that cannot be actualized because the google+ official website and app does not have post scheduling service integrated on the.

But the good news is, the fact that google plus (+) official website and app does not yet provide this service does not mean that post scheduling on either a google plus profile or page cannot be done using a 3rd party app/website, and Hootsuite is just one of such 3rd party website/app that help you fulfill your heart desire of scheduling post on your google+ profile or page for free.

Though you will be required to pay a monthly subscription fee before you can gain access to the full feature/service of the hootsuite app/website, their service which is of most interest to you now - Scheduling post on social media such as google plus- is actually provided free to their user whether paid or not.

More to that, the hootsuite website support the google+ post publicity privacy. This means that you can specify whether your scheduled post will be published to the public or your followers or your following as you sole desire.

More information are available if your submit your email address in the Follow by email box below.

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