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Friday, December 11, 2015

Featured Post Gadget For Blogger/Blogspot Publishers

As a blogger/blogspot publisher, the importance of frequent posting cannot be overlooked.

Because the key to making readers come back to your blog, is to keep posting as frequently as possible.

But it is noticed that the more you keep posting, the quicker your post slips down to achieve, thereby making it harder, (virtually impossible) for your blog readers to discover all that is in your blog which may be of interest to them.

Hence to help blogspot blogger showcase their post to their readers, Guy Ronen -a product manager of announced to at the blogger official blog on the 10th of December 2015 the release of the "Featured Post" Gadget.

"Whether you'd like to re-share that delicious holiday recipe from a few years back, spotlight a can't-miss promotion you're running, or just revive something quirky from the archives, the Featured Post gadget is a simple way to show off the content that matter most." says Guy Ronen.

The Main Point
The Featured Post gadget available to blogspot bloggers/publishers allows them to re-share post from their achieved blog post to their readers.



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