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Monday, November 2, 2015

What Apology Cannot Do.

Apology is an expression of remorse, regret, sadness for a wrong course/action done by someone.

Though apology is very much important when it comes to rebuilding of relation, trust and ties, being truly Apologetic or feeling genuinely sorry will not remove the consequence(s) of a wrong action/decision.

For this reason many people (offended parties) might not want to forgive the offender even after many forms of apology from the offender to the offended.

This does not mean the the offender's apology is not genuine nor does it mean that the offended does not have a forgiving spirit, it just mean that because of the consequences of the offender action the offended might want to get even so has to make the offender realize that its action truly hurt.

The Bottom Line
Being truly sorry for a wrong course, action or decision will not/never remove the consequences of such decision, action or course. Hence we need to be very careful when it comes to our decision and or actions.



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